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"If You Turn the Ship Just a Tiny Bit You'll End Up in a Completely Different Place" Unknown


Schedule Your Free 30-Minute Coaching Session with Brian O'Neill to Learn More

About Coach Brian O'Neill

Hey Friend - I’m Brian O’Neill, a coach, real estate investor and host of The W2 Prison Break Show.

Prior to that, I spent 25 years in corporate sales, trying to break free from my W2 and live life up to the full potential I always knew I had. I felt trapped for years and stuck in my job. As a higher income earner, I created a lifestyle and needed to stay in the W2 to support it, or so I thought. And that kept me running on the treadmill for years. Earning a high income, but going nowhere. I was trading time for dollars.

I was on airplanes traveling over 100,000 miles per year away from my wife and missing my young son grow up. I would come home from a trip, and he was bigger and talking differently. I was missing him grow up, and it ate away at me for years. I was filled with regret, anger and resentment. I was not living my best life.

I tried for years to start side gigs that would replace my income, but it all failed. I hid behind education, analysis paralysis and fear for years as I convinced myself that the safest play was to stay right where I was. I was too scared to fail, too scared to lose money and my reputation.

Then something amazing happened. My son started to tell me that he didn’t like it when I was away. That he was scared to be home alone with Mom. He motivated me to leave that high paying, high travel job and live life on my terms.

I broke free from the W2 prison that I had created (yes, we create our prisons) and now I get to see him everyday and I don’t miss his life. It’s the greatest feeling in the world and I’ve dedicated my business to helping others who were just like me.

You can break free and it all starts with a mindset shift. You are more worthy, capable and deserving of the life you’ve always wanted and it all starts with changing the way you think.

As soon as I started to believe in myself and change the way that I think is when my life started to change. And it can change for you too, and I want to help you. It’s never too late and you’re never trapped.

Let’s break you out!!