EP.60 The Art of Goal Setting: Escaping the W2 Life - A Discussion with Chris Prefontaine

The Art of Goal Setting: Escaping the W2 Life - A Discussion with Chris Prefontaine


In this episode of the W2 Prison Break podcast, we're bringing back a previous guest, Chris Prefontaine, for a hi-jack conversation. He is going to interview Brian O’Neill. For those who haven't been introduced, Chris is the man who inspired many of our listeners to break free from their W2 jobs and embark on their own entrepreneurial journey.


You might remember him from our discussions on previous episodes like Dr. Joe Vitale and Episode 15, where we dug deep into the process of transitioning from a typical job to becoming your own boss. But in this conversation, we stumbled upon an intriguing concept that caught our attention — the power of going public with your goals. This resonates with me personally as it reminded me of my early days of career transition.


I recall endless deliberations about the immense potential of openly declaring goals and the impact it could have on our progress. The dream was to unlock this secret — the ability to speed up our journey towards success without being solely reliant on traditional career paths.


Think of the possibilities — providing listeners with practical tools and tips more swiftly. If we unlocked this secret, we could reduce the time spent in jobs that don't fulfill us, leading to more satisfying lives. The ultimate goal was to improve our personal satisfaction and financial independence.


Whether you've already mastered the art of goal setting or are still struggling to figure it out, we have some great insights for you today. Our guest is here to share his valuable experiences and guide you on how to successfully go public with your goals.


What you will learn in this episode:

  • The importance of making your goals public and aligning them with what you want from life.
  • The benefits of creating a well defined vision for your life and how to get on that path.
  • Brian’s strategy for making your goals public.
  • Some of the common obstacles that people face early on in the process and best practices to navigate them.
  • How to streamline the process of making your goals public.


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