EP.79 Your W2 Can Only Take You So Far | with Amit Gaglani

Your W2 Can Only Take You So Far | with Amit Gaglani

Today I sit down with Amit Gaglani. As a Physical Therapy entrepreneur he scaled his company and partnered with private equity to help scale it on a national footprint. After helping build the company to 100 offices in 15 states, he fully exited. At the same time he was invested in real estate syndications to increase his passive income with the goal of replacing his active income. Now he's helping others achieve increased exposure to vetted passive investments.

Here's what you'll learn today:

  • How to discover your passion
  • The important role "mindset" plays in business
  • Passive income - what is it and how to get it
  • Amit's advice on how to get started with your own business
  • How to buy a business using creative or seller financing

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