EP.143 Why MRR is The Hottest Thing on Social Media Right Now

In this episode, Brian O'Neill discusses the digital products business and how to make money selling digital products online. He explains what digital products are and the different types that can be sold, such as ebooks, online courses, and planners. Brian highlights the advantages of selling digital products, including low overhead costs and instant downloads. He also explains the terms DFY (Done For You), PLR (Private Label Rights), and MRR (Master Resale Rights), and how they relate to the digital products business. Brian emphasizes the benefits of this business, such as the ability to work from home and the potential for high profitability. He also addresses the low barrier to entry and the appeal of this business for those who are looking for a way to make money without putting in a lot of effort. Brian provides action items for getting started in the digital products business and encourages further research. You can grab Brian's Digital Mastery Playbook with MRR rights by clicking here.


  • The digital products business involves selling intangible goods online, such as ebooks, online courses, and planners.
  • Selling digital products has advantages such as low overhead costs and instant downloads.
  • Terms like DFY, PLR, and MRR are commonly used in the digital products business and refer to different types of products and rights.
  • The digital products business offers the benefits of working from home, high profitability, and a low barrier to entry.


00:00 Introduction to the Digital Products Business
01:01 What are Digital Products?
03:22 Different Types of Products: DFY, PLR, MRR
05:24 Private Label Rights (PLR)
06:17 Master Resale Rights (MRR)
09:02 Benefits of the Digital Products Business
10:50 Low Barrier to Entry and Laziness
13:10 Getting Started and Researching the Business

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