EP.160 Finding & Hiring The Right Virtual Assistant w/Bob Lachance

In this episode, Brian O'Neill interviews Bob Lachance, the founder of Reva Global, a company that provides virtual assistants. They discuss the importance of virtual assistants in business and debunk some common myths. Bob shares his journey from being a professional hockey player to becoming a real estate investor and starting Reva Global. They talk about the roadblocks and setbacks Bob faced when starting the business and the importance of having a good business partner. They also discuss the mindset shift needed to delegate tasks and the benefits of hiring virtual assistants. Bob provides insights on how to find and hire the right virtual assistant and shares examples of industries that can benefit from outsourcing tasks. They emphasize the importance of focusing on income-producing tasks and the value of time. The conversation concludes with a reminder to overcome the fear of failure and take the leap into entrepreneurship.


  • Virtual assistants are important for business growth as they allow entrepreneurs to focus on income-producing tasks and delegate non-income producing tasks.
  • The mindset shift from being a solopreneur to hiring virtual assistants is crucial for business success.
  • Finding and hiring the right virtual assistant involves identifying tasks that can be outsourced, conducting interviews, and utilizing tools like predictive index profiling.
  • Virtual assistants can be beneficial in various industries, including real estate, medical, mortgage, attorney firms, and insurance.
  • Overcoming the fear of failure is essential for entrepreneurship, and failure is a necessary part of the learning process.

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