EP.163 Focus Your Business On What You Already Know & Enjoy w/Morris Sutton

In this episode, Brian interviews Morris Sutton. Morris recently started a bookkeeping business after realizing he could leverage his existing skills and experience. He found his first client within three weeks of starting the business. Morris emphasizes the importance of utilizing your network and reaching out to potential clients. He also highlights the value of having a team to support and expand your capabilities. Morris encourages entrepreneurs to focus on what they already know and enjoy, rather than constantly seeking new skills. He stresses the importance of accountability and setting daily goals to move the business forward. Morris's story serves as a reminder to take action and pursue your passion. Learn about SHUL Bookkeeping.


  • Utilize your existing skills and experience to start a business
  • Tap into your network and reach out to potential clients
  • Build a team to support and expand your capabilities
  • Focus on what you already know and enjoy
    Set daily goals and hold yourself accountable


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