EP.171 Legacy Building Through Land Investments w/Ron Brooks

In this episode, Ron Brooks shares his journey as an entrepreneur, starting with his career in banking and transitioning into real estate and other ventures. He discusses the challenges he faced, including the fear of failure and the illusions he created in his mind.

Ron emphasizes the importance of involving your spouse or significant other in the entrepreneurial journey and the accountability it brings. He also highlights the need to go back to basics and overcome the fear that holds you back. Ron's story serves as inspiration for those considering a leap into entrepreneurship.

In this conversation, Brian and Ron discuss the topic of entrepreneurship and cash flow, with a focus on investing in land. Ron shares his experience and insights on how to make money through land deals and explains the benefits of investing in land as an asset. He emphasizes the importance of finding your unique skills and leveraging them in your business ventures. Ron also highlights the simplicity and low maintenance of land investments, as well as the potential for long-term appreciation and legacy building.

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