EP.175 The Freedom Framework: Mastering Entrepreneurship with Steve Kopshaw

In this episode, we welcome Stephen Kopshaw, an entrepreneur with 16 years of experience, who started his first business in high school. Stephen shares key lessons from his journey, emphasizing self-accountability and the value of relationships. He introduces his Freedom Framework, a seven-step process designed to simplify and optimize business growth. The framework includes filtering key areas needing attention, relating tasks to the right person, educating about the problem, empowering the team, defining success, optimizing resources, and maximizing outcomes. Stephen also discusses the importance of having a personal vision and the benefits of networking and finding the right mentor.

Key Takeaways:

  • Personal accountability is crucial for growth and success.
  • Strong relationships significantly impact business trajectories.
  • The Freedom Framework helps streamline and optimize business operations.
  • Defining a clear personal vision is essential for achieving meaningful goals.
  • Networking and the right mentorship provide valuable insights and support.

To learn more you can follow Stephen Kopshaw on Instagram for educational content and Facebook for engaging discussions. 


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